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      1. wentaroad001
        Cơ sở Chúng tôi chuyên cung cấp khoai môn củ và khoai môn giống với số lượng lớn. Tiêu chuẩn giống gồm như sau:

        - Dài 2-3cm

        - Đường kính: 1,2cm

        - 50-60 củ/1kg

        - Đóng bao 40-50kg

        Ai có nhu cầu xin liên hệ số đt 0937392133 gặp hằng
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      Aug 14, 1985 (Age: 34)
      Một cộng hai bằng mấy ? (Ghi bằng chữ không dấu và viết hoa chữ cái đầu):


      The heritage show
      Highlights of the must see show in Hanoi We're the oldest Folk Music Show in Hanoi, Vietnam.
      With over twenty standard music instruments combining significantly sophistication in forty five minutes duration length, The Heritage Show is actually the story of the day life of Vietnamese individuals in the Northern Delta countryside.

      The talented artists of ours are going to bring you back again to decade 90s to render gorgeous memory of early Vietnam. The area touch of brilliant tasks like farming, fishing, the gathering is actually condensed with elegant standard music as well as dancings throughout an exotic live performance.

      Music instruments that are typical bamboo made like Monochord (ȏn B?u), 2 String Zither (ȏn Nh?), Plucked Lute (ȏn y), 16 String Zither (ȏn Th?p L?c), 36 String Zither (ȏn Tam Th?p L?c), Flute, Drum and various other folk instruments of Vietnam. Enjoy a soundtrack which blends conventional musical styles with contemporary features starring by intangible cultural heritages realized by UNESCO including Ca Tr and Quan H?